It’s in English 儿童语言

Our four-year-old son speaks English and German, and he has picked up some Cantonese since living in Hong Kong.One day I was getting ready to take him to a rugby game. His mother, not being a rugby fan, planned a quiet afternoon at home. Our son, however, pleaded."Come on, Mommy, you must come.""I don’t understand the game," she replied."But it’s in English, Mommy!"我们四岁的儿子说英语和德语,自从到香港居住后,他也能说上几句广东话。一天我准备带他去看橄榄球比赛。她妈妈不喜欢看橄榄球,为自己安排了一个休闲的下午,我们的儿子求他的妈妈道:“妈妈,你还是去吧你,应该和我们一起去”“我不懂这种比赛”她回答。“妈妈,比赛是用英语讲的。”来自:VOA英语网 文章地址:

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